Young Authors' Writing Project

2024-2025 Young Authors Writing Project Theme 

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Young Authors' Writing Project Classroom Resources

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● All entries must be original creations.

● Only 1 writing entry per author may be submitted. (*NOTE: Authors may also choose to submit for the

art contest, but again, may only submit one piece of writing and one piece of art, total).

● Authors may write in their first language and submit along with an English translation

● All entries must have participated in a local level judging before being submitted for the state


● Please remember that these pieces will be published in a book for authors in kindergarten through

adulthood, and that all entries (art and writing) should be appropriate for a wide audience that

includes young children. If an entry is deemed too mature for young audiences, it may not be

included in the book, so please carefully consider the topic you choose before submitting.

● All entries to the state judging level must be submitted by a member of NCRA by the DUE DATE.


All entries should:

● Use 10 point, “Times New Roman” font, single spaced, for the body of the piece.

● Include an original title, typed in bold, 12 point type, with only the first letter of each major word in

the title capitalized.

● Include author information after the body of the piece. Skip two lines and then center the following information in 10 point:

Author’s First and Last Name, Grade ______ (numerical) or Forever Young

Teacher: Name (Teacher’s First and Last Name)

School Name

Local Council Name


It is easy to check word count by using the Tools button in Google Docs. Be sure to check all entries to ensure they meet entry requirements BEFORE submitting for state judging. Any entry submitted to the state level will be disqualified if it exceeds the word limit (by more than 5 words).

SUBMISSIONS of Local Council Winners

You will submit your entries by uploading your local winners as google doc files into your local council writing folder.

When you upload each entry, please name it as follows: the child's grade level (PK, 00 for kindergarten, 01 for first, and so on through grade 12 (Forever Young entries will be labeled 13), then the author's last name and first name, then the local council name. You may use initials for your local council. However, Tar River and Twin Rivers will need to type out their names to avoid confusion.





Fifth Grade:


Forever Young:



● In order to create a more equitable and balanced collection of Young Author entries from across the state, the YA Committee has revised the criteria in order to provide smaller and developing councils with increased opportunities. A baseline of 40 entries is in place with increasing entries based on membership levels.


Developing – 20 40

21-75 45

76 – 125 50

126 – 175 55

176 – 225 60

226 – 275 65

276 – 325 70


● Will take place during the first week of January and be done remotely; local councils may choose to meet in person for their judging assignment

● Each writing entry will be judged twice using the State YA Rubric

● Each writing entry will be judged by members of a different local council than the submitting council

● Art entries will be judged by the state YA Committee and/or the Executive Council

● Information regarding deadlines and other details will be provided by State YA Chair


● Forever Young entries do not count toward the number of entries noted above. Note: FY entries that EXCEED the maximum word count (500) will not be published.

● FY entries should first be judged at the local council level and will be judged at the state level using criteria from state rubric.

● Forever Young Authors must be members of NCRA.


● Each council may choose two entries as Council Choices. Council choice entries may be selected based on

various criteria including student growth in writing, students with challenges due to language or disabilities, etc.

These will bypass the judging, BUT will be read by at least two members of the EC. The content and language must be deemed appropriate. These entries will add two (2) to the numbers above. If there is a question regarding publication of the council choice entry, the local YA chair will be contacted.

● The Council Choice entries must be clearly marked (X) in the “Council Choice” column on the YA ENTRY

SPREADSHEET located in each council’s entry folder JUDGES’ CHOICE

● Judges’ Choice is determined when an entry receives a perfect score from both judges. This will be

noted by the Young Authors Committee. This is not determined by the local council.


● The designs must be original ideas and clearly connect with the theme. Art must be vertical top to bottom


● Guidelines for the Cover Art Design may be accessed on the NCRA website in the YA Google Drive Folder, Young Authors Art Design Criteria

● Each Local Council may submit up to 10 Art Entries.

● Scan and submit as a jpeg file

● Each physical entry must be accompanied by a Young Author’s Entry Form. Suggested deadline for local

submissions is TO BE ANNOUNCED.

● You will submit your digital entries using the Young Authors Entry Form no later than TO BE ANNOUNCED.

UPLOAD council entries to the Council Art Folder as JPEG files (not pdf files).

● The scanned JPEG should be saved as follows:


(example: 02_RiveraStephanie_BRRC)

● The designs will be judged by the YA Committee who will select finalists.

● The President may select the cover design or request a vote from the Executive Committee

● The State YA Chair will notify local YA Chair of art winners by TO BE ANNOUNCED

● WINNING Physical art entries need to be MAILED to state YA Chair Denise Owens:

Denise Owens, 4109 Treetops Circle Winterville, NC 28590

Please mail physical copies of the winning art entries by TO BE ANNOUNCED.


Please contact your local council Young Authors Chair for questions or concerns. Please visit the NCRA website  for a list of local councils and contact information.

Contact Information for State YA Chair, Denise Owens: 

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