Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts as the administrative body of NCRA, Inc. and shall exercise general supervision over the property and affairs of the association with the power to administer the affairs of NCRA, Inc. between meetings. The Executive Committee is comprised of both elected and appointed members.

The elected officers of the Association include the vice-president, president elect, and president; each of these officers serve as voting members of the Executive Committee. Any member of NCRA who has served as a local council officer or as an active member of NCRA’S Board of Directors is eligible to be an officer of the Association.

Appointed voting members of the Association’s Executive Committee include the Council Leadership Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Director of Membership Development.

NCRA Leadership Application

Vice President 

Heidi Perez

Vice President Elect

Hiller Spires

Membership Director 

Amanda McCall


Shannon Lawrence

Young Authors Project

Denise Owens

Past President

Margaret Cuthbertson

Executive Assistant & Conference Coordinator 

Jean House

Webmaster & Social Media Director

Talia R. Cotton

Area Directors

Area Directors serve along side the Council Leadership Coordinator:

Information for Area Directors

2023-24 NCRA Areas and Area Directors