Cover Design Information

Theme: Show Your Strength


As part of the NCRA Young Authors Project students may submit an original design for the cover of the winning entries publication. All young artists who would like to submit a cover design must follow the NCRA Young Author Cover Design Criteria and complete the Entry Form provided below to be eligible for state judging.  


Criteria for the Cover Design:


  1. Must be drawn by hand or with computer tools—no photographs, stock photos, or graphics

  2. Must be on blank, white 8½ by 11 inch piece of paper

  3. Should clearly address the theme

  4. Color may be used; originality and creativity are key components for judging

  5. Any lettering and/or words should be neatly and clearly drawn/written

  6. Leave a 1 inch blank border on all sides of the paper

  7. Should not have artist’s name on design—artist will be recognized on inside of book.

  8. Must be sponsored by an NCRA Member

  9. The original hard-copy submission must be mailed to the NCRA president or brought by a local YA judge/chair to state judging in January to be judged

  10. The entry form must accompany the original artwork to state judging

  11. NCRA recommends keeping a copy of the original at the local level


*** Any submission without a completed entry form will be disqualified from judging.


Please paper clip the Entry Form (next page) on top of each submission. No staples please!


If are unable to connect with a local council, please mail a hard copy of the cover art entry to


Lauren Johnson

NCRA President

4175 Gray Road

Chocowinity, NC 27817