NCRA President

Denise Owens' Message

Welcome to the North Carolina Reading Association! I am beyond excited to serve as your President, and I am honored to follow in the footsteps of such great leaders who have guided this organization over the past 50 years.


As we continue our mission of promoting lifelong literacy, I hope that you will embrace our theme and focus for the year, Spark the Magic: Creating a Passion for Literacy! Though we have a responsibility to teach students how to read and write, we should also strive to create a literacy environment that sparks excitement and joy and fosters a love for reading and writing. 

We have all been influenced in some way by our reading and writing experiences, and many of us have a story to share based on these. Maybe you remember trips to the library for story time or climbing into a loved one’s lap for a bed time story. Maybe you remember hanging on to every word as your teacher read aloud and the words seemed to jump off the page. Maybe you remember browsing the books while running your fingertips along the spines of an endless sea of books to choose just the right one. You were one of the lucky ones. Others may remember very different reading experiences; a home without books, lack of book choice at school, and little to no time to JUST read and escape into another world. Maybe you grew tired of books that provided only windows into the lives of others who were very different from you and sought books that were mirrors instead. Maybe you simply thought of reading as a chore, an assignment, or preparation for a test. 

As educators, we owe it to our students to provide opportunities for them to experience the power of words. It is often through the words we read and hear that we are influenced, inspired and empowered. Words evoke emotion, passion and change. I challenge each of you to provide a pathway that leads to a love and passion for literacy!


It is my goal this year as your President to help NCRA continue to build partnerships across the state, to support community efforts to promote literacy, and to provide educators the opportunity to deepen their knowledge. Please join me in this journey!


With thanks and appreciation,

Denise Owens