Everyone’s welcome to join local reading councils and the North Carolina Reading Association.  Check the map and supporting details to find the closest local council. When you join a local council, you become a member of NCRA, automatically.


Belonging to the International Literacy Association requires separate application and payment.
Join ILA:

Benefits of Membership

  • Annual Professional Development Conference with top literary experts

  • Opportunity to meet other pre-service and new teachers for literacy discussions

  • Opportunities to volunteer directly with the state organization

  • Yearly Young Author contest and celebration

  • CEUs for attendance at professional meetings

  • Affiliation with the International Literacy Association

  • NCRA website access to blogs, association updates, and newsletters

  • State and national award opportunities

  • Opportunity for committee work

  • Opportunity to present at state and local council events

Join a local council.

Join our state organization.