President's Message

Fresh Beginnings

Fresh Beginnings is a great title for the North Carolina Reading Association’s 2021-22 calendar year! We have survived a very stressful time because of Covid 19.

NCRA would like to recognize those that got us through this unprecedented time with exceptional leadership. Many thanks and kudos to Past President Denise Owens, Treasurer Ken Sheldon, Director of Membership Casandra Graves, Council Leadership Coordinator Lauren Johnson, Digital Media Director Cindy Lawrence and many more who kept the organization going through Zoom calls, emails, leading local Reading Councils and programs across North Carolina. As we move into the future I know you will get to know and love all of our new leaders and some old as much as we have all loved our former leadership team.

We will have “Fresh Beginnings” with our NCRA Conference. We have an exciting future ahead knowing we will be able to meet face to face and move forward in spreading the mission of NCRA to actively promote lifelong literacy for all citizens! Our plans are coming together to have our very first NCRA Conference in Winston-Salem with the theme “Engineering Literacy: Creating Readers for Life” at the Benton Convention Center March 20-22, 2022. We look forward to seeing you there!! Registration and Conference proposals can be found on the website soon.

As we move out of a pandemic into the future, the Young Authors topic is very appropriate: “Building and Designing the Future”. All of us have had challenges over the last year and have had to be creative. We have all built bridges, designed new approaches, engineered fresh ideas and paved paths to problem solve. Thanks for all your hard work in stretching your brains! Our stories are going to be outstanding!

NCRA had a very successful year with our 20 for 2020. It will continue! “Fresh Beginnings with new programs, 20 for 21-22, will offer online Professional Development from our local Reading Councils. Please find the offerings on the NCRA Website.

Finally, with Fresh Beginnings, NCRA is offering you a way to recognize leaders in your life through the creation of a Leadership Appreciation Fund. This is an exciting opportunity for NCRA to obtain funds to help pay for published authors at conferences and Young Authors celebrations. Funds have already started coming in to honor the former leaders of NCRA. This is not a limited fund for literacy leaders. This fund is a way for you to honor all leaders in your family, community, schools, churches, state and the nation.

Happy Reading and Literacy Days!

Ginny Mangum

President of NCRA