Guidelines for Developing Chapters Affiliated with NCRA

  • NCRA’s primary goal is to promote literacy among educators and within the community. If you are interested in forming a local Literacy Committee or “Chapter” of NCRA, please consider the following:

  • Consist of 5 or more individuals. (Do not have to be teachers, educators or school/university based)

  • Create a Mission that will support the NCRA Mission

  • Be members of NCRA and/or local/NCRA

  • Hold a minimum of 3 yearly meetings (programs, presentations, community-based literacy activity, etc)

  • Participate in Young Authors (if applicable)

  • Attend the Leadership Institute sponsored by NCRA in June

  • Work with NCRA Board of Directors towards an International Literacy Association chartered  literacy “council”

  • Designate a contact person but is not required to establish a formal slate of officers.


Note:  ILA and the IRS require that any financial transactions be incorporated into NCRA financial planning and budget operations. The “chapter/local literacy committee” will not require a separate EIN but will operate under NCRA/IRA non-profit status. Local Literacy Committees may not obtain a separate from NCRA checking account.