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A Welcome and Challenge from the President,

North Carolina Reading Association (NCRA) is a non-profit organization founded by and comprised of educators and citizens of the state who believe that literacy is a foundational human right. As such, the organization strives to support and collaborate with school systems, universities, public and private schools, teachers, parents, and partners to provide the most recent and relevant, research-based information and pedagogy for literacy learning and immersion throughout life.

As your President, I am dedicated to furthering the mission and goals of this organization and supporting its twenty-two local councils. I have been a member of both NCRA and our affiliate, the International Literacy Association, for the majority of my 30-plus years as an educator and have served in numerous local council, state, and national leadership roles. Doing so has allowed me to enhance my own literacy learning while building extensive thought relationships with colleagues throughout North Carolina and the country.

Please consider your membership as both an opportunity and a responsibility—an opportunity to serve as a literacy leader in your community and a responsibility to encourage others to join NCRA and advance our mission of empowerment through literacy for all. Pledge to make this the #AgeOfLiteracy.


President Karyn Gloden



Contact NCRA President, Karyn Gloden.

Contact Executive Assistants, Jean House and Anita Stack.

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UPDATE: NEWS BLOG offers the latest information. A Calendar provides specifics about local, state, and national meetings, projects, and programs.

READING CORPS, another blog, deals with reading-research and practices.

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