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Students Enjoy Literacy Responsibilities

By Mia N. Small, English Language Arts Teacher, West Cary Middle School, Cary, NC on August 18, 2014


Take a minute to think about one of the most reserved students you have either taught or interacted with in a learning environment. Imagine if that same student began to effortlessly fulfill the role of a student leader. What does it take to make students accountable for their literacy engagement? We, as teachers, often hear or read about the role of literacy in students’ daily lives.  READ MORE


Viva Vocabulary! Be More Nym-ble Part III

By Lois Huffman  on August 18, 2014


Lois Huffman will be submitting new Viva Vocabulary! posts every few months. Check out this month’s feature, Be More Nym-ble Part II, which is a follow up to this original post.  READ MORE

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