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Support programs and projects of the N.C. Reading Association and its local councils. Read UPDATE: NEWS BLOG to find out about recent activities. Members, contribute by sending information to Jean House.

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For any organization to thrive, new membership is critical.  By growing our numbers, the North Carolina Reading Association is able to engage more of our fellow educators and do a better job promoting literacy throughout the state.  While most of our members are educators from public or private schools, we count university faculty and students as members also.  READ MORE



New Book Related to Girls and Reading

By Lois E. Huffman and Roslyn P. Moffitt on September 20, 2014


In 2013 we presented an institute titled, “Our Girls Are in Trouble, Too: What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Girls and Reading” at the NC Reading Association Conference. We are still committed to girls’ literacy development and success in school and life.  READ MORE


Dare to Dream

By Jenni & Sabrina on September 29, 2014


Dare to Dream…Everyone has dreams, but have you ever taken a risk to achieve your dreams, have you somehow lost the vision of your dream, or were your dreams just not big enough?  Have you ever truly dared to dream?  READ MORE

Local Councils
The North Carolina Reading Association served 28 local councils (chapters or associations) during the 2014-2015 school year. Learn specifics about Local Councils.
2015 Reading Conference
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Celebrate Young Authors
The North Carolina Reading Association's Young Authors Project invites local reading councils to engage writers, K-12 and adult, and celebrates exemplary writing at the local and state level. Learn more about Young Authors.